BB's Business

Next meeting date is October 16th at 7:00pm
meeting will be at
Wendys in South Point Oh.

Hope to see everyone

Hoping for a Great Meeting
Lots of things to talk about .. Special Announcements
Hope everyone can make it to the meeting

BB's Car Club would like to THANK all
the car people for coming to our cruz-ins
month after month and for bringing their
cars,trucks,tractors,bicycles and other
show vehicles.
Without your support we would not be
able to bring the cruz-ins to such a great
bunch of people Thank You

!!!! We Are # 1 !!!!
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BEST OF '07 & 08 & 09 & 10 & 11 TOP TEN AWARD

BB's Car Club finished in the
Top Ten
in Cruisin Times Magazines
Best of '07&08 Super Cruz-ins
and in 09 the once a month cruz-in
9 in 2007       #3 in 2008
and in 2009 and 2010
BB's Car Club is # 1
and #2 in 2011

Let's hope we can do it again in 2012

During the year BB's Car Club
holds a monthly meeting on the third
tuesday of each month at Wendys
in South Point Oh. meeting starts at 7:00pm
Everyone is welcome to join in


If You or someone you know is in the
military and come to this site
please send an E-Mail telling what branch
and where you are stationed
we will send them a DVD of our cruz-in's


If you have any question's please send E-Mail to    

Cruisin Times Magazine has printed a lot of good things about us
BB's Car Club