The following may or may not be the actual way BB's Car Club was started, but I bet it's close.

BB's Car Club was started many years ago in a distant, far away land called Burlington, Ohio by four guys that
raced cars they put together with pieces and parts from junk yards and probably Harbour Freight.  One night in a
garage, probably sitting on five gallon buckets decided they were going to start a car club.  This was not a new
idea because the Beach Boys wrote the song "Car Club" in 1963, but these guys were going to bring the
California car culture to southern Ohio.  Well, they did it and in a big fashion.  Founder Tom Hayner and three
others did it!  Old rumours have it that BB's stands for Burlington Boys but that can't be substantiated.  BB's
became the fastest growing car club in the Tri-State area (Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky).  Cruise-in's followed
and BB's was on the map.  Hundred's of cars came to their cruise in's and they began to raise money to give to
local and national charities.

BB's Car Club from the beginning thanks to Tom became an IRS recognized 501C3 Charitable Organization.  They
gave money to local charities as well as National charities like St. Jude's Children's Hospital and bought
Christmas presents for local children that may have not gotten a present otherwise.  Their charter was to raise
money, ensure that the money went expressly to the charity they had selected, and that all donors could rest
assured that their donations went to that charity.   

Today, BB's Car Club continues that charter as a IRS 501C3 Charitable Tax Exempt organization that raises money
through their cruise-in's and donations to
Make Christmas Brighter for Children in Need.  

If you are a business, please become a sponsor by going to our "Contact Us Page".  If you would like to become a
member and help us help these children in our Opioid addicted area, go to the same page.  We welcome your

    Thanks for supporting BB's Car Club!